Thursday, January 1, 2009

Nightmario Bros - The Nightmarish Mushroom Kingdom

Happy New Year! 

Kicking it off with a sneak preview of the Nightmario Bros. series of re-imagined characters from of course, what else? The Classic Nintendo game; Super Mario Bros!

If you're here through my DeviantArt page, you already know what this mess is all about, as you've probably already seen the Demented Goomba, and good ol' Spiny dropping Lakitu - The Terror of the Skies.
"But, 'Cloak," you say, "where are the Shy Guys? Mouser? The Koopa Kids?!?!' Don't worry! I gotcha covered. I will be doing a series of these for EACH of the SMB games. So SMB, SMB2, SMB3, and maaaaybe Super Mario World.
I've been doing these for a while, but they haven't been getting the attention I've been wanting to give them. So, for those folks who've been waiting for all of these for a while, THANKS! for your patience!

Anyways, enjoy the sketches for now, as I have a couple of other little surprises in store with the Nightmario Bros.

Stay Tuned!

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